GREIF - Miniature Model Museum  

Named after Pnina & Zohar (Sigmaond) Greif

Where each model tells you a story… 


The Museum

The museum presents, by the aid of small scale models collection, the worldwide history of technology.

The development of: navigation, aviation, transportation, space research, military History an more.

At present time, the museum collection holds over 1,000 scale models, and continuously expands - more models are added, and further fields of exhibition and historical periods are covered.

The first model in the collection was built in year 1962 and still displayed in the museum exhibition.



Theodore Roosevelt


Areas of the museum display


Pnina (Norkin) Greif

A teacher and school-principal who has dedicated her life to educating and teaching many generations of young students.


As a young woman, she was a member of the Defense-Organization and the Palmach.


She was a Gideon (wireless operator) in the clandestine-immigration activity, also a wireless-radio operator in the Negev Brigade, and served in the Druze Battalion in the IDF in its early days.


After retiring from the Ministry of Education, she devoted her time to helping youth in need, and was active in the Teachers' Union.

Zohar (Zigmond) Greif

Served in the Royal Navy before, during, and after World War II.


Served onboard convoy escort vessels and participated amphibious landing operations, and naval battles on all fronts during World War II.


During the War of Independence, he served as a platoon-leader in the 4th Battalion in Jerusalem-front, Harel Brigade.


He was among the founders of the Israeli Navy and served as Chief-Engineer onboard the navy’s war-vessels and destroyers for most of his life.


After retiring from the service, he was one of the directors of the electrochemical industries.


Was a gifted musician and played a violin.


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